Makro Racer 2

Never Neglect Public Security

Makro Racer 2

R11,940.00 inc. VAT

The Racer 2’s Easy to use single menu design with 5 Search Modes (All Metal – Two Tone – Three Tone – Beach and Deep)
will greatly improve your crime team’s ability to find hidden evidence and detecting bullet casings, knives, guns and other crime weapons.

Racer 2 Features:

  • Pinpoint and Depth indicator
  • advanced Discrimination ability
  • Works great on challenging terrains
  • LED Flashlight and Backlight for dark areas
  • Vibration
  • High Performance and unmatched depth
  • Easy To Use
  • Long Battery Life
  • Description

Built on the cutting-edge RACER technology, the Makro Racer 2 Metal Detector is boosted with all the features your crime unit will need to find what they are looking for at a crime scene.
Lightweight and very easy to use the Racer 2 will fascinate you with its extraordinary performance.
The Racer 2 has a waterproof search coil which will make searching for evidence in wet areas or water a breeze.
Features such as Notch Filter, Iron Audio, Tone Break, advanced discrimination ability iSAT (Intelligent Self-adjusting Threshold) and its new DEEP mode just adds to the value of this detector.

Used by:

  • Police Force
  • Security
  • Army
  • Crime Scene Investigators
  • and many more
Bullet Shells

Operating Principle VLF (Very Low Frequency)
Operating Frequency 14 KHz (+/- 100Hz bandwidth)
Search Modes 5 (All Metal / Two Tone / Three Tone / Beach / Deep)
Search Modes 4 (All Metal / Two Tone / Three Tone / Beach)
Iron Audio/Tone Break/Notch Filter Yes
Ground Balance Automatic / Manual / Tracking
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Vibration Yes
Gain Setting 01-99
Target ID 00-99
Search Coil 29 cm x 18.5 cm DD Waterproof
Display Custom LCD
Weight 1.4 kg including search coil and batteries
Length 120 cm - 140 cm
Battery 4 x AA Alkaline Battery
Warranty 2 years

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