Disney Beefs Up Security at Theme Parks; Similar Moves Underway at SeaWorld and Universal.

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Even in the Magic Kingdom, there are real-world worries.

As the country frets over mass shootings and the risks of terror attacks, Disney is increasing security at its theme parks, adding more metal detectors, cops, bomb-sniffing dogs and random screenings. It’s also ending the sale of toy guns, including water guns, and banning anyone older than 14 from wearing a costume on its properties.

The changes aren’t in response to a specific threat, “but rather the general environment,” the company said.

Disney also pointed out that similar measures are underway at SeaWorld and Universal’s theme parks.

Both of those companies confirmed they were tightening security for the holiday season. At SeaWorld, that includes added security personnel inside and outside its parks, along with bag checks and metal detectors. A Universal spokesman said it was testing the use of metal detectors “as we study best practices for security in today’s world.”

Six Flags has had metal detectors, bag checks and police officers at its parks for years, a spokeswoman said.

Source – NBC News by Erika Angulo, Chris Essner and Lauren Prince

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